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~BookBook Stays the Course

Posted by John Kendrick on February 4, 2013

When I purchased my last MacBook Pro a little over a year ago, I knew I needed a case that would stand up to carrying the device from home to work everyday, and moving from meeting to meeting all day, every work day.  Not to mention carrying it to church each Sunday so I could use it to watch YouTube and other videos with the  teens in my high school Sunday School class.  I am seldom without my MacBook no matter where I go, so it needs protection with staying power.

I had been using a BookBook case from Twelve South for my iPhone for several years, primarily so I could have my iPhone and wallet in one case, so I was intrigued by the MacBook case by the same name.  Incidently when I traded up to the iPhone 5 this fall, I purchased another BookBook for it as well.

After using my BookBook to house and protect my 13″ MacBook Pro for the last 14 months, I can honestly say that I could not see myself switching to another case.   Here are my reasons for staying the course with BookBook:

  • The interior of the case is padded red velvet, so I know my MacBook is safe and comfortable in its home.
13" MacBook Pro in BookBook case

13″ MacBook Pro in BookBook case

  • Using two zippers, the case quickly zips up surrounding and securing my entire MacBook, and just as quickly unzips ready for use upon reaching my destination.
Two zippers make opening and closing a snap

Two zippers make opening and closing a snap

  • It can be carried just like a book, and the leather feels oh so good in your hands.


  • Best of all it looks like a vintage book when closed, hiding its real contents, which of course was the intent of its designer.
BookBook opened for use

BookBook opened for use

  • I’ve  added some additional character, reminiscent of a college book cover, by adding stickers of some of my favorite things to the outside of the case. (This makes the case uniquely my own, and also helps me quickly place the laptop right side up, as the stickers are on the top of the case.)

Lastly, and most importantly, the case has held up perfectly, the zippers are as smooth as new, and the case ages gracefully, actually looking better as it ages.

As a late 50ish guy on his way quickly to his 60’s, the case has a way of making me feel younger than I am, and I get comments on the BookBook often.  Word about these great cases must be spreading, because while watching the new ABC series, Zero Hour, I spied the star carrying his MacBook in the very same case.

So this case, in my mind anyhow, has advantages that others simply can’t beat.  Twelve South makes great products for Macs, check them out and I think you’ll agree.  Thanks for reading . . . John

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